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Teach Your Baby Math – The First 6 Years Is The Key!

If you need a little extra math help for your child this school year I have a suggestion that worked wonders around our house. My wife designed a series of math games and riddles that presented our children opportunity to learn while they thought they were playing! Here is how it works.

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You can also take the children shopping. Shopping can be real fun. Hand the kids a sum of money and take them to a departmental store. With the sum of money they have, you can teach them about better buys, money counting, money conversions, discount calculations, etc. With the money they have in hand, they can buy their choice of stuff and go back home happily.

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Another activity where children can learn about money calculations is through a lemonade stand. Many children hoist a lemonade stand as a summer activity. They will learn about counting money, setting their own prices, rounding off, and profit as well.

Logic puzzles are great math games for kids. They can sharpen children’s problem solving skills and test their math skills. One extremely popular logic puzzle game includes Sudoku. You guessed it, it’s a Japanese puzzle game and the Japanese are good when it comes to math and logic! New Scientist even wrote an article once describing the game as one that makes you smarter along with listening to Mozart. Sudoku puzzle games can help stimulate brain activity and increase kids IQs. Teachers around the world have even started giving these puzzles to pupils! Overall, Sudoku is an excellent way for kids to develop logical thinking skills.

So the real problem, in other words, lies in your perception of math. You think of it as scary, confusing, and something that never makes sense. Thus, that’s what it will become.

Researchers found that parents should check at least three math solver calculator tutoring schools and compare them before registering for their children. Since it involves transaction of credit card, parent should call the 1800 number to verify the existence of the school before making any payment.

The directions aren’t always intuitive as the game is playing against you. Kids really need to fully read all of the directions in the How to Play box at the bottom first or they can get tripped up with why they didn’t score.

If you have computer and internet connection at your home, then what are you waiting for? Find the best online math tutor for your child and give an extremely valuable math learning techniques and style.